• Worcester Bicentennial Celebration Programme
    Worcester Bicentennial Celebration Programme

Join Worcester as it celebrates two centuries

Posted on Wed February 19, 2020.

A full week of bicentennial celebrations is lined up for Worcester from Monday, 24 February to Sunday, 1 March. This is a concise programme of the week’s events.

Monday to Friday
• Time Travel with Bridging Ages at 10:00 at the Worcester Museum. It will entail historical role play depicting important events in the history of the town. Themes will be the 1913 Natives Land Act (Monday), the Founding of HTS Drostdy (Tuesday), the Opening of the Rail Connection with Worcester (Wednesday), the Day before the final abolishment of slavery (Thursday) and Founding of the town of Worcester (Friday).
• Spekboom giveaway from 08:00 to 10:00 at Total Express Market, 17 High Street; BP, 107 High Street; and Shell 138 High Street.
• Spekboom giveaway from 10:00 to 14:00 at Church Square.

Monday to Saturday
• Exhibition of old Worcester postcards and post from 09:30 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday) and from 09:00 to 12:30 (Saturday) at the Waterloo Library.
• After-dark laser light on Brandwacht Mountains.

Monday, 24 February
• Open day sessions at Worcester’s care institutions. 09:00 at Association for Persons with Disabilities (APD) and National Institute for the Deaf (NID, first session); 13:00 at NID (second session) and 14:00 at Innovation for the Blind.
• Mayoral Honourary Citizenship Gala at 18:00 in Worcester’s Town Hall. For more information, phone

Tuesday, 25 February
• Schools parade from Queen’s Square to Church Square, and aerial photo, from 09:00 to 11:00.
• Worcester Children’s Dream Tree with more than 1000 Grade 9 learners expressing their future hopes for Worcester. 09:00 to 10:00 at the Garden of Remembrance, Church Square.
• Eat Art Around the World food festival and beer garden at 17:30 at Hugo Naudé Art Centre.
• Dialogue and Koinonia evening with Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process. 18:30 in the Worcester Town Hall.

Wednesday, 26 February
• Full day programme (09:00 to 16:00) at Worcester Museum, with open-air museum activities, grape treading, donkey cart and tractor rides, the opening of the new play park at 12:00 and a performance by the Worcester Community Orchestra at 15:00.
• Sips for Sight wine event and six-course dinner as fundraiser for Innovation for the Blind. 18:00 at Blindiana Barista. For more information, phone 083 234 9669.

Thursday, 27 February
• Worcester Bicentennial Golf Day at Worcester Golf Club. For more information, phone 063 658 9400.
• Karoo Gardens guided tour at 09:00.
• NID Red vs Blue 5km run at 18:00 at NID campus. For more information, phone 023 342 5555.
• Crisp White Summer Celebration of the new harvest. 18:30 at Leipzig Winery and Country Manor. For more information, phone 082 955 8906.

Friday, 28 February
• Worcester Golden Games for seniors from 08:00 at Boland Park Stadium.
• CW200 Blitz Chess Challenge from 13:30 at the Waterloo Library. For more information, phone 083 442 3230.

Saturday, 29 February
• Air show by Silver Falcons at 11:00, viewable from CBD.
• Unveiling of the official Festival Monument at 12:00 at the Garden of Remembrance, Church Square.
• Worcester free Bicentennial Music Festival from 14:00 at Church Square.

Sunday, 1 March
• AFRIMAT Lions Tour de Worcester from 06:00 at Kleinplasie. For more information, phone 082 413 8935.
• Free gospel show from 13:00 on Church Square.
• Thanksgiving and Praise & Worship event at 18:00 on Church Square.

For more detail, visit the Worcester 200 Facebook page.